RetPort VP

Vision Platform

RetPort Vision Platform

Everything about store and shopper

Moduler Construction:

RetPort Vision all-in retail analytics platform

Retport Vision Platform

Software Solutions

    For any size of organization, improve service quality, customer experience /satisfaction and staff performance; reduce waiting time, lost customers, serving time

    Impressive data visualization, data drilling, dashboards, excel export to save time processing data.

Hardware Solutions

    • Interactive kiosks are like digital receptionists.
    • Every kiosk solution is customized to fit the customer’s needs
    • such as the barcode and QR code scanner, touch screen display, receipt printer, voice and face recognition, NFC, Smart card reader, etc


Eleminate idle waiting and optimize the workload of your employees.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to increase sales. Retport Queue Management system helps increase cross-sales and reduce drop- out rates


Reduce wait time for customers, preventing walk-aways that lead to significant losses in business

By the launching Queue management system, the leading telecommunications companis gained significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Minimize clinic waiting times to avoid virus spread, reduce staff’s stress level

Safe queuing by managing the patient flow

Implementing social distancing queuing for patients

Reducing staff’s stress level


Make the best use of your retail space with a Queue Management system that organizes visitors with virtual and linear queuing solutions, booked appointments, mobile apps and SMS alerts

They can check in via a kiosk, choose their service, sign up for mobile queuing or get tickect, and spend their wait time browsing your store, creating a more enjoyable experience for them

Check in information matches the customer with the most appropriate employee for an informative, confident and fulfilling buying experience


Manage citizen flow, implement distancing queuing for citizens, minimize the risk of virüs spread in your service ares and improve staff efficiency.

Breakthrough Cloud Based Video Processing Technology

Video Based

95% Accuracy

CCTV Compatible

Works on existing modern camera hardware without additional investment

Analytics Software Ready

Meaningfull data like Passerby, Dwell Time, Impression

Corporate Reporting User Roles

CEO, Marketing, Store Manager, IT

Advanced Technology
Catch The Potential
Innovative Retailing

Store Capacity Analysis

Covid-19 is transforming the retail environment. Shoppers needs to feel safe in the store. Our product is designed to build this sense of trust. People counter cameras work synched with digital signage system. Shoppers can track how many customers are in the store and how close is this number to allowed limits real time.

People Counting

Use Case:

USe Case

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Web Interface
Web Interface
Web Interface

Comprehensive Store Traffic Analysis with Heatmaps

Comprehensive Store Traffic Analysis with Heatmaps Sample shopper flow and store heatmaps

Shopper Behaviour Analysis with Routemaps

Shopper Behaviour Analysis with Routemaps

Queue management, service optimization

Comprehensive Store Traffic Analysis with Heatmaps